Is parenting your teen feeling harder
than you thought it would?

Wish you knew what to say or do
to make them feel better?

Wonder how other parents are 
handling similar things?


I feel for you and want to help.


Hi. I’m Kristen Carter, certified family coach and a mother of a son and daughter who are both in ‘late adolescence’ — currently 19 and 21.

When they were young, I was sure they would sail through their teens in a breeze, because they were such happy and confident kids and because they had been loved and adored since the day they were born.


As they inched into their ‘tweens, they both became increasingly self-conscious, insecure and unhappy. Watching this happen was horrible for me — I could see their fabulous ‘selves’ slipping away, and I felt helpless because the things I used to say and do to make them feel better stopped working.

I was determined to do whatever I could to help them get through their teens being strong, confident and capable of rocking the world like they were born to.

Since that time nearly ten years ago, I have …

Worked with hundreds of
‘tweens, teens and children ….

Coached and taught parents,
teachers and entire schools








… and helped my own kids through their teens, with our love still strong.

Here are the three most valuable things I’ve learned.

They’re also the cornerstones of my coaching.

The most empowering thing we can do for our children is show them who they are at their best — what makes them strong, valuable and worthy on the inside

We have no real control over our kids. The only thing we can control is the quality of our relationships. If we get that right, we have a chance to be a positive influence in their lives.

Our kids learn from what we do.  Taking care of ourselves, liking ourselves the way we are, playing to our strengths, bouncing back from frustration — we have to do it if we want them to do it.

If this sounds good to you, here’s what to do next